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Tuesday, 31 August 2004

Knitting Me Heart Out

Ok those Beanies are done for the shop. So much for FIVE! I got TWO done. Doesnt matter. I have a few baby things to go in a few weeks (and want to get a few more done).

Now I should be working on feather knit lambs for the shop for next Monday. I am working on a friends feather beanie that I should have done awhile ago.

I will be getting back to my girls tops soon. I am really wanting to do them at the moment (probably cos I have so much other things to do).

Got some carrot and tomato seeds on the way today. Planning on planting out my snowpeas tomorrow (though I have been told they dont like being replanted..BUGGER it hope that isnt right and they live ok they are getting bigger). All I will have left is beans, peas, corn and my butternut pumpkin. Maybe some other stuff. Have to talk to the landlady about ripping that lemon tree out.

Most of my ebay stuff finishes tonight. And the rest tomorrow. I wish it was all mine. Unfortunately most of its my friends. I only have 5 stuff on there...

Okies until next time catch ya later!


Thursday, 26 August 2004

When will I get a chance?

Well most this week I have been spending time listing things on ebay for a friend. Havent had much chance to get some of my much needed mens beanies knitting for the shop! So tonight I am going to HIT THEM HARD after the girls go to bed. So much for getting 5 made to put in. I will be lucky to get 3!! If I am lucky and work hard tonight I might get the first one finished. Though its a big IF...

I won some nice acrylic yarn on ebay the other day and got it paid for yesterday. Its a pretty purple. 400g of it. Hoping there is enough to make Rachelle a jumper to kick around the house in for next winter. Will have to find a pattern for it once I actually GET the yarn in the mail and have an exact colour to work with.

You know in all these years I have been a knitter (and its probably around 20 I know I was under 10 and was probably older then 6 so between 15 and 20 years?) I havent YET made anything for myself!! Not one thing..not a beanie, not a scarf and certainly not a jumper! ONE DAY!!! LOL..I have plans on getting some for the girls done first. Then have a Debbie Bliss pattern I want to make for Adam. I would love to get something made for my mother some year soon. And who knows what orders I will be getting from friends and the shop! See no time for me. THOUGH I do hope to have a scarf made for myself for next winter. Have the lovely fluffy purple yarn for it..and a pattern picked out..Just have to get the needles to do it with!

I have decided one day (when I am rich and all) I plan on buying Debbie Bliss and Rowan yarn from Canada!! Their ebay has HEAPS of those two designers yarns..Their dollar is close to ours...and hey better then buying it from America where it will cost almost double at the moment. Should have thought of it last year actually when the Australian Dollar was better then the Canadian one..Now the Candian one is better then the Aussie (that will make my Canadian friend happy).

Okies am off to try and bumrush these grots to bed! See ya all around


Sunday, 22 August 2004

My Blog, HTML, knitting and plants

Well I am learning new things thanks to the Internet! LOL..I have wanted to add a few cool things to my blog to personalise it. So I now have added my mood meter..Will add other things when I get the time to hunt them down and get them together.

On a Knitting note...I have finished my first Wee Willy Winkie Beanie. Looks cute..Still havent finished my first mans Beanie..Would rather be doing kids ones alas! Also yesterday I finish the ribbing on the front of Harleys jumper so I feel a little less guilty.

Planted out some of my Snow Peas seedlings today..Two of my little lettuces have carked it (and i had them covered from the frost too)... I told Adam that this would be the year that we would have a veggie garden. We have been here 4 1/2years! Just my beans to go (to start growing then find somewhere to put them)..and I will look into some other veggies...I think its time to get rid of our nearly dead (like 70% of it has died the other 30% is living ok for now) lemon tree so I can make that whole plot my veggie garden..I just dont like the idea of ripping out a still partly alive tree!! It hasnt produced a lemon in over 6mths granted..but it has a little one growing now! SLOWLY...

Okies catch ya all later!


Friday, 20 August 2004

Ebay and Yarn

Thought while I was cruising around ebay I would drop in and put it to readers of my blog..

"When was the last time YOU checked ebay for yarn!?!?"

Great place to do it. Can pick up some real bargains. Also some yarn that might not be available to you at all (I saw one tonight that is a german yarn in 9ply)! You can also get some great hand dyed 100% Merino yarn..I got some 5 ply that is to die for! Mixed of purple, mauve and pink!

You dont need to have a credit card to buy in Aussie on ebay (like all non-ebayers think)!! And in my about 4 years of shopping and selling on ebay I have only come across TWO nasty sellers! Not bad really considering when I started (and things were a LOT cheaper then now) I was spending about $50 a week on things...

www.ebay.com.au (for non-Australians there is plenty of other ebays around the world just go to the Aussie one and it should have a link to one in your country) go there and check it out! do a search for yarn, needles or just find knitting under Toys, Hobbies & Craft...Arts & Craft...Knitting

So what are you waiting for! goooooooooo!!


Thursday, 19 August 2004

Does it ever end

Wow the knitting never ends! It just grows that list of mine!

At the moment I have started mens ribbed beanies to sell..Got a Wee Willy Winkie one started that I cant finish until I find more white yarn (thought I had enough that will teach me)..Old yarn too...Cant even remember the brand..Maybe Holiday?

Gonna make some more Debbie Bliss simple stocking stich hats to sell..and I have a few net friends who are having very soon or just had babies I want to make a few for.

The girls jumpers/cardis have been put on the back burner cos of the dispair of Harleys and the need to get these things done for the shop/friends in a set time.

The blue I am using for the mens Beanie at the moment is LOVELY! Almost a Tourquise Blue...VERY nice..Even Adam likes it.

Okies..just a short one this time! Will try and get more in next time. And will have to take pics of some of my knitting to put in too!

Catch ya later


Tuesday, 17 August 2004

yarn and plants..The connection?

None..Except thats what I have been up to of late.

I decided to turn the little planter box cement thing thats a part of front porch into a little garden thing for the girls. Well today they planted six Carnation plants in there. A few weeks ago we planted out in a little garden some lettuces and mini cauliflowers to grow...I am amazed Harley hasnt nagged for them to be fully grown. They are both veggies she eats. I also have some snowpea seeds growing (might have to palm some off to family and friends.

Has anyone seen the new Bendigo Woollen Mill yarn? I got a shade card for it in the mail today. As well as the offer to buy it before the end of September at a $4 reduced cost per ball (the offer is for $12 per ball that will end up being $16 per ball), also in the offer is a pick between two patterns for this yarn for free. I planning on buying a few balls to make something for the girls each. Called "Persian" its 75%Wool, 15%Mohair, 5% Alpaca and 5%Silk I LOVE all the colours (there is 8 of them) and found it hard to pick just ONE for my girls! LOL

Of late I have been working on baby headwear. Ribbed Beanies, and Wee Willy Winkie Beanies. All for sale. Also done a ribbed scarf to sell and today picked up the yarn to do the matching beanie for it. Tomorrow I plan on getting some yarn for Mens Beanies (a reply to one of my previous comments! From an avid reader).

Okies gotta go. Gotta let the girls talk to their 'granny' (Adams mother) before they go to bed. Catch ya all around.


Saturday, 14 August 2004

Backs are down...

Well I have done the backs of both the girls projects. YAY! Mind you I am worried about the length of the Rowan "Will" pattern for Harley. It only comes half way down her behind THIS year!! It wont fit her next year I doubt it! DAMMIT! I can see it will be a lovely addition to Rachelles winter wear though!! Sigh.

I have also gotten all but a lovely mid purple for the LUKA pattern in Rowan for Rachelle. I plan on doing it in Light, Mid and Dark shades of Pink, Blue and Purple! The nine colours compliment each other very well and with my nasty way of not liking things odd I think its the best way to do it especially if I cant find the EXACT colours the pattern uses. Though I have had to have self control I am NOT starting this pattern until I finish one of the other jumpers/cardigans I have started.

I have started a baby beanie for charity..Dunno if I will get many done. I have less then two weeks before the shop demand for knitting starts again. I plan on making some of my own pattern beanies to sell for a baby display. Mind you I have been selling my own pattern beanie in there for children for years. Just gonna do a few in a different pattern on mine.

Okies I think I will be off. Getting late. Its freezing here tonight. Hope you all have a great weekend! Catch ya all later!


Friday, 6 August 2004

Pooh Bear and Knitting

Well the M-I-L paid for the girls and I (as well as herself, her second hubby and one of the girls cousins) to go see Winnie The Pooh and the Perfect Day Live today. Just started its Aussie Tour so we went (mind you it cost her about $31per person!!!). It was great fun. When I get time I will put a pic or two from my digi up on here. Harley and Rachelle had a LOVELY time. Even better with Indy (their cousin) there to have fun too. The girls dont get to see her often since she lives in NSW.

I thought I would knit Indy a fairy floss coloured feather hat (her mother wasnt there to see it so lets hope she likes it). Looked so cute on her.

I have cleared all orders (except for feather lambs but they will be for later). So I hit Rachelle's Patons ostrich and yarn cardigan. Think I will get the back of it finished today, then starting the front. I am gonna have to get working on Harleys jumper a little more actually. MIGHT get them both done before Christmas, though looking at the shops list of window displays I have a few more things to knit or sew up there.

Hope you all have a great week! Catch you all round!


Tuesday, 3 August 2004

More recent pic of Rachelle

Rachelle July 19th 2004 at Grandmas.

More recent Pic of Harley

Ok here is a more recent Pic of Harley. Taken July 21st 2004

Hi HO Hi HO its knitting we will go...

Ahhh well I am all done with the ordered feather pillows. Mind you I want to make a black one for me and two for the kids (one each) in fairy floss colour (thinking about making Adam a AFL Bombers coloured one too).

Still trying to work out what to do with the Bendi yarn I have for Rachelle. Harleys is being used for the Rowan pattern "Will" from book Rowan Junior (yes a boys pattern for my daughter..Mind you I am doing it in Hot pink and a bit of purple for the inner collar). I havent done much but its coming up good in the colour I think. I am liking the Debbie Bliss pattern "Shawl-collared Tunic" in book Debbie Bliss Baby Styles for Rachelle but I am umming and ahhhing over the purple colour I have. Might do it in another colour. She already has two jumpers with collars and I want to do her something with a normal neckband. I am so in love with the striped pattern "Luka" in the Rowan Junior book. Want to do that for Rachelle but will have to get together the yarn. I am also looking at the pattern "Pumpkin" in Rowan Pipsqueaks for the Bendi yarn. I want to make the pattern Chill from the same book for Harley but have to get some good cheaper yarn substitute for it (any ideas people will be great).

So many patterns..So much yarn..So little compliment each other ;) What a pity! LOL

Catch ya all around!


P.S. If you so happen to be an Australian Mum who wants other Aussie mums to chat to here is a GREAT forum for you to join up to! http://forums.delphiforums.com/aussiemoms/start

Monday, 2 August 2004

And the last month of winter begins!

Well the last month of winter has begun! I have to say I will miss it when its over. Its a good excuse to sit on the couch next to the fire and knit my little heart out while watching my fave tv shows. I am not as fond of knitting during summer, mind you I did a heap of it last year because so many family members got feather knitting for pressies (scarves, beanies, or bags).

Well I have finished one of my orders. Two navy feather pillows and because I took so long I made a ribbed beanie for the lady's son for free. Will have to take them all to her this week.

My girls have been so spoilt of late. In the past three weeks I have bought them so many clothes. Mind you they love them all so thats a bonus.

The local CWA shop down here has a yarn sale one so I have picked up some yarn from that REAL cheap! YAY!!! Now have to find a project for them all. Thinking about after Adam gets his tax in buying some Heirloom yarn to make the girls a jumper each. Will have to go through my patterns and pick something out for each of them. Once I have gotten the current Order finished (I am over half way - its an AFL Hawthorn feather pillow) I will HOPEFULLY be able to devote my time to finishing up the girls jumpers/cardigans.


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