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Tuesday, 27 July 2004

Went to Waverley Woollen Mills Today

Well went to Waverley Woollen Mills today! Found out they have only started this year with the yarn selling. I bought a 200g skein of CUPID pink for $11.20. Its a wicked colour. Plan on making something and felting it..Dunno what yet. Maybe a hat?
The yarn isnt as nice as Bendigo Woollen Mill stuff (I got some of theirs) I wouldnt make a childs jumper out of Waverley stuff (though I am making them jumpers out of Bendigos). And Bendigo has cheaper yarn. Might stick with Bendigo for yarn for jumpers and stuff and maybe Waverley for Felting. Mind you the colour range is good but solid colours (nothing flecked).
Here is a link to Waverley Woollen Mills site where you can order a shade card, order yarn online and even look at the shade card

And for a Bendigo Woollen Mill shade card email this address: benwool@bendigo.net.au

Monday, 26 July 2004

Got my new toy

Yay got my new Convection Oven today! A lot smaller then my past microwave oven...And doesnt seem to be as impressive in the microwave line but its a OVEN too! LOL
Havent done much knitting today. Will get onto it a little later after the Kiddlets are in bed.
Hey look I posted on here the day after posting before ;)
Might have to head up to Waverley Woollen Mills tomorrow. I havent been up there in MONTHS and I have never looked at the wool for sale up there. I wonder if they have many cheap discount ones?
Dont be surprised though if I dont get up there ;) I have been saying for MONTHS that I will get up there...Havent yet..I use to live like a 5 minute walk away from there.

Sunday, 25 July 2004

My Girls

Rachelle (left) and Harley (right) taken June 16th 2004
Thought it was about time I posted pics of my girls since I will probably forever talk about them!

This is my first pic so YAY it worked! Expect more as they come of everything.

Wow been so long

Wow its been awhile since I have posted. I have been so busy.
I thought I would go through my UFOs and see what I would finish this side of Christmas. I am just glad that I hadnt done much of any of them. I ended up undoing about 5 of them. I now only have three things.
1) a Patons ostrich and yarn cardigan for my youngest child
2) a Rowan pattern jumper for my oldest child
3) a pair of socks from Creative Knitting magazine for my oldest child.
Though I also have about 6 orders to do.
1) two Rowan Jelly beanies for the shop
2) one navy feather pillow (done the first one)
3) AFL Hawthorn feather pillow
4) two feather lambs
We are all in various stages of getting over colds in my house. The DH is the last one with it and surprisingly acting rather adult about it ;)
The Rowan pattern jumper I am making Harley is my first try at Bendigo Woollen Mills wool. So far I am finding it splits a little but otherwise I am very happy with it.
I would LOVE to promote a new website my friend has started. Its called
"Launceston Stitch'n'Bitch" though everyone is invited you dont even have to live in Tasmania let alone Launceston.

Until next time have a great night!


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