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Sunday, 5 December 2004

Wow its warm!

20 Days Until Christmas
(you crapping your pants yet?)
Wow today is warm! Though I have managed to do some knitting. I thought I best start the second sleeve of Harley's WILL raglan sleeve to make sure I get them BOTH done before running out of the 200g yarn. I am adding length. It says to make the main bit (before the raglan decrease) 28cm!! Harleys arm from wrist to underarm is THIRTY THREE (33cm). So I thought I would make it longer. It will probably end up too long after I have made it and blocked it. I am so happy to see I have made it OVER the top of the hill and am on the downhill run (not that you WANT to see me run!).
I have also finished making the feather beanie for my friends baby (he is due on Chrissie day but from what his daddy was saying this week mummy might be induced tomorrow). I cant wait to see the little cutie. His parents will be thrilled (once they get over the lack of sleep). They have been trying for a baby for over a year and after two miscarriages little JC finally stuck. Mind you first child and all I dont know if they know what they are getting themselves into! LOL. Now I just have to buy a few more things and I have finished the baby box of stuff to give her.
I am so happy to see that Yarn Harlot has a book out! I LOVE her blog! Unfortunately for me its not for sale to Australians. Maybe one day.
I cant believe there is only 14 days until Harley turns 5. Mind you I am a bit sad that I have only heard from TWO parents for kids coming. And I sent out over 25 invites. Though they have until the 10th of Dec. I doubt she will get many coming though. And some (who are her friends and one of them birthday party Harley went to) probably wont come at all.
I so have to get my butt into gear and finish getting the last of the Chrissie pressies! Dont have a clue still what to get my parents or Adams half brother! Most people we have already some are even wrapped. Have to finish up a few peoples though. I HAVE to get Adams nan and pops finished by next weekend cos we are heading down there. And the week after down to Adams grandmothers (where Adams father, step mum and half brother and half sister -TWO people not half and half folks - live.). So. That is working out a few pressies before going mad! Now my DARLING lazy husband can sit back and LAUGH! Every year since we have been living together it has been MUGGINS here that has to work out all the pressies..EVERYTHING...EVEN his side that he knows better then me!
Okies folks I be off now. I should be knitting..My kids have had a nap today so I can see they will but up until very late..So much for ME time.


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