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Wednesday, 29 December 2004

Wow I survived..I think!

Well I think I survied Christmas! Well I think I survived..Let me just check....mmmmmm...Yes I think I have all my body parts still.

The girls got totally spoilt rotten! Especially Harley who over a week got a heaps of things between her 5th birthday and Christmas. I did well to! I got a foot spa! Mmmmmmmmmmmm it was nice.

I have been a good girl and have been knitting a bit! I made Harley a pair of socks for her baby born she got for Christmas. I have also been working on Rachelle's Luka pattern. Working also on a Rowan Hero for my friends child.

I have to say the Coca-Cola Ham was VERY NICE!!! Mind you that was on the same day when it was warm..Then next day when it was cold wasnt so nice. We will be making it again for sure (though with a smaller ham and maybe more people! LOL).

I bought a pattern today at Spotlight. A FABRIC pattern! Yes I have corssed over to the dark side..Actually I have done both sewing and knitting for as long as I can remember (I remember making clothes for my sisters barbies). So I get this pattern today. They have a 50% off paper patterns sale (plus 10% if you are a Spotlight member which I am)...Its a cute pattern to make dolls clothes. I plan on trying my hand at making clothes for this baby born (cos at the moments its just cheaper and easier), as well as Rachelle got a Cabbage Patch Doll for Chrissie I will make clothes for that too..And a friends daughter has a baby born I might make some clothes for too if I am feeling nice!

I am fasinated by my next door neighbours new front door. I can see it from where I am sitting. Its one of those doors that can have the top half only opened (which it is now!)...

Okies folks I think I might be off now! I know there was more I was going to say but do you think I can think of it now? Sigh always the way!

Hope you all had a great Christmas (and thanks to those of you who contacted me wishing me a great Chrissie) and Hope you all have a terrific New Year!



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