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Monday, 13 December 2004

WOW almost there!

12 Days Until Christmas

I cant believe how close it is getting to Chrissie! Am almost ready too! Just got a few more to get. WOW...

I have finished one sleeve of Harley's Will too! And am almost finished the second one! Then I have to put the raglan sleeves in and do the collar! Then sew the rest up. And Block it..I am a little worried about blocking it. I have never done it before. But I am sure its like making socks. Scary in idea easy in making. Will have to wait and see!

Mind you with all this knitting..I still havent made the little feather lambie for the little boy next door! Will have to get that done as soon as I finish this sleeve of the Will pattern (which I am hoping to do tonight). Then after that is done I will get back to Rachelles Luka jumper. I am happy that Will is almost finished...I have been wanting this jumper done for awhile.

My children have amazing imaginations today! They are playing in the lounge room..There are (as Rachelle calls them) 'nakes' (snakes).... I am also regretting to tell you all that Santa wont be coming this year. Rachelle has informed me that he is in the hosbool (hospital) and Harley informed me he was bitten by a snake so wont be coming this year. As I said they have some imagination! I am totally amused listening to them..Pity I will have to put them to bed soon cos they are actually BEHAVING.

Okies folks I am off! Catch ya later!



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