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Wednesday, 8 December 2004

Scarves and Welcome JAMIE CARL!!

16 Days Until Chrissie

Ok I have started this damn scarf for Adams nan so many bloody times! Mostly cos of TWO things!
1) The holes in the lace were too big for my liking
2) The scarf was toooooo wide full stop for my liking
Though I think I NOW have it all worked out to my liking! So now I have to get my butt into gear and get it finished by Sunday..Shouldt be hard its not a hard scarf (I probably would have made all of it in the so many bits I have done). NOW though I have to think of something else for their Chrissie Pressie..Since we are giving her the scarf for her birthday...Adams MOTHER (their own child) was no bloody help...She said a framed pic of the girls..uuuuuuuuum...we have given them sort of thing for the past few years and now we have a little bit more money we want to get them something ELSE...We can give them a framed pic any time..Its not really a CHRISSIE pressie..We are planning on giving them a profession pic we got done of the girls anyway...Might have to ring THEM for a Chrissie idea.

As for other knitting...I havent done any apart from the scarf. I am hoping to get this scarf done and the feather lamb for the little boy next door so I can guiltfree go back to my childrens jumpers...WOW I actually WANT to get back to my girls jumpers now that I have sorted out Will..and I have always enjoyed Luka..

While I am here..I would LOVE to welcome into the world Jamie Carl Smith...Adam and my friends had their son Monday 6th Dec (only 19 days early). A VERY Tiny 5lbs 3oz (from what Vicki could remember! LOL)..We didnt get to meet him when we visited..He was in Neo Natal Ward (due to a low blood sugar)...A muched loved and awaited little one for some friends.

Okies..Gonna head off now! Catch ya later!



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