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Thursday, 23 December 2004

OMG there is only 2 days!!

2 Days Until Christmas
Ok I am now happy to say I have gotten ALL of my pressies..And several of them have been handed out! I have to say I am looking forward to it all being over. Tomorrow I have to learn how to cook a Chrissie Ham...I am probably going to do it Coca-Cola ham style Ah-La Nigella does it! Even bought a 2l of Coke today to do it (we dont drink Coke).

I FINISHED WILL!!! I am so happy that I have finished knitting this damn thing! I have sewn it up and all! Have to get a pic of Harley in it before I block it and again after its done. She loves it (though knows that I plan on making it "thinner and longer" when I block it). I have started a jumper for my friend for her children for next year. Its another Rowan pattern. This one is called Hero. Think its from the Junior book. I am doing it in Bendigo Denim Mix yarn. I am very impressed with this colour. Like it alot.

Harley had her 5th Birthday on the 19th. She got so spoilt!! Add to that we went down to St Helens for the weekend to visit Adams dad and his side of the family. Had a good time. The girls got spoilt more with pressies for Chrissie and Harls birthday pressies. I dont think Harley needs anymore pressies!!! She has so many! She had her birthday party at Maccas on the 18th of Dec. There was like 15 to 20 kids there in the end. It was LOUD!!! Though both the girls had a great time.

Okies folks! If I dont get back on before Chrissie I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!



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