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Thursday, 30 December 2004

Devils Play Toy

Well havent done much knitting today. Been doing some much needed house work. I know the Devils play toy..Needs to be done though. I had HEAPS of washing that needed to be done..Well I am mostly through it now! YAY.

As for my knitting though..I have decided to tackle a strange idea to see if it works..PLEASE if anyone knows if it DOESNT let me know before I get too far into it (like finish it) and find out the hard way. I have decided to scale down Children size patterns to make for Harleys Baby Born....As in I am taking size 0 to 1 8ply cardigans/jumpers and making them with 3ply yarn on a lot smaller needles...I only started one last night..Havent gone too far into it..Its a cardigan I want to make for Rachelle so this will be a mini trial LOL

Adams work has him working New Years Eve night (so he will probably be there until about 1am if not after)...THEN they want him to work the FOLLOWING morning starting at 6:30am!! I mean for CHRIST SAKES he is going to be lucky to get 4hrs sleep! I am telling him to take a room if there is one free that night and just stay at work..Saves him having to travel home and back in there..Gives him a little extra sleeping time..Poor thing is going to be STUFFED at the end of it! He is going to start at 3pm Friday and finish at 3pm Saturday with probably not much sleep in the middle...I bet he doesnt get a major bonus in his pay for this either.

Okies just a short one for me today people. PLEASE if doing the actual sized things smaller is NOT a good idea someone let me know before I get it finished?!?!? Catch ya later!



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