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Thursday, 9 December 2004


Today was 28C now thats HOT since we havent had a day at that temp since last Summer! I hate summer..I am not a small person. I find great pleasure in the colder weather. Minus 1degrees..curled up in bed listening to the rain on the window..all snug and warm...HEAPS better then laying in bed covered in sweat...tossing and turning..with the window open WISHING there ws at breeze that was slightly cool!

As for knitting..I have gotten a little more through Adams nans scarf. I plan on working on it later tonight when its cooler. Hoping to get it finished by tonight. Doubt it but am hoping. Still havent gotten Adams nan or pop a Chrissie pressie yet and we are going there in three days..I be thinking it will have to be done tomorrow..As well as grocery shopping..and probably some other Chrissie shopping.

I cant believe how close Christmas is. Harleys birthday is even closer! There is 10 days until her birthday! WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN!?!

Ok folks..With that message I think I will leave it there..I wont do how many days there is until Chrissie since I did it last night/this morning when I posted at 2am!



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