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Thursday, 2 December 2004

Been A Busy Duckie

23 Days Until Christmas

Well I have been a busy little duckie. I have finished the front of Will for Harley..I feel like SUCH a fool!! Lol...On reading the instructions AGAIN I worked out I was READING them wrong! I feel so blonde! (no insult to blondes...honest..even though I am a brunette)..

I have also finished the Back of Shells Luka Pattern. So I have to start in on the front now. It ended up going so fast cos all those stripes kept me interested.

Today I got my Chrisco Hampers! I am sooooooooo happy about that! WOW there was a lot..Unfortunately that left me with the nasty choir of PUTTING everything away! Though now I have my Christmas Ham (3.7kg) and Two Whole Chickens to cook (1.8kg each)...Saving me a little at Christmas time. Mind you NOW I have to learn how to COOK the Ham! I am use to the ones you DONT cook! Sigh...Mind you I got so many boxes of Chocolates! I am thinking last minute Chrissie Pressies!?!? LOL

I cant get over how close Christmas is. And more so Harley turns 5 6 days before that!! This year I am going to get her ears pierced. I am a strong believer that you SHOULD NOT get childrens ears done under the age of 5..I think its NASTY AND CRUEL to get babies ears done and I get the overwhelming urge to SLAP mothers that have babies under 1 with their ears done! Though there was a time where I considered getting Harleys done while she was younger JUST so my MIL would stop talking to me! LOL..She said if I got their (the girls) ears done under the age of 5 she wouldnt talk to us....TEMPTING....VEEEEEEEEEERY TEMPTING...What else I dont have a clue. We do though have TWO people coming to her birthday party for sure. Fingers crossed more speak up by the 10th of Dec! Her party is on the 18th.

I really need to get my butt wiggling and grab out Adams nans scarf and get it finished!! I dont have too many more days to get it done in. I think we might be swapping gifts down at their place on his nans birthday (which is the 12th I think that we are having the party. Then there is the little feather lamb for the next door neighbours baby (well he is 1 and asorted months) for Chrissie too.

Okies peoples I think that this will do for now! Catch ya later!



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