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Friday, 5 November 2004

This, That and maybe something else

Well I have finally gotten to try my hands a Zhivago yarn! It is sooooooo nice!! I decided after getting the Creative Knitting special edition mag I would make a scarf from it with Zhivago for Adams nan for christmas. Its DIVINE!!! I am glad I got enough to make myself a scarf too. A nice lace scarf for both of us. Will be my FIRST scarf for me!

My brave little Harley had blood taken today. We have to get her blood level checked every few months to make sure her epilepsy drug is at the right level still. She was happy she got a Rugrat bandaid for it, and a sticker..and a Bananas in P.J's stamp on her hand.

Ok its now only 50 sleeps until Christmas!!! Good Grief!! I have bought Adams grandma something (a nice little religious statue thing). And worked out a scarf for his nan. Thats two less to work out! Adam recons he has my pressie on layby too! Have to work out what the girls will get us now. Harley said she wanted to get Adam a wig...Mmmmmm..Is she trying to say something?

I didnt get any poncho done yesterday (that I am making..Did I mention that before?). I think I am over half way up the front. Did all that in the first day. I am tossing up between keeping this poncho for my youngest or giving it to a child for Christmas. I think I will wait until its finished and see how it looks.

Its such a rainy day today. Very cloudy and dark inside. I so want to be knitting. Think I better do a little housework though. My family are coming in from their farm to visit today. We only get to see them every second week. Maybe next time time Adam has a day off work we might go out and visit them.

Yesterday I read my little girls a little book I had when I was little. It has a mother bear, father bear and three little bears (one being a baby). So my DARLING youngest decided one was me, one was Adam, one was herself and one was Harley. I said to her "what about the baby?" Where Harley piped up and told me I was going to have to have ANOTHER baby!!! I was LIKE HELL! Two terrors is enough for me!

I had my meeting with a speech person at Harleys school yesterday. She didnt tell us anything we didnt know. Harley talks too fast and has constanant clusters problems (words like STar and SCHool are problems to her). So she is going to send us out a report and some info to help Harley with and will look in on her first term next year.

Okies I better be off and doing some housework. Adam is giving me looks cos he is doing it all himself. Catch ya later!



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