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Wednesday, 17 November 2004

SNOW PEAS!!! Oh and knitting

I have snow peas! Growing on my plants!! YAY. I have about one that will be pickable any day now. I have like 10 little ones growing still! Looking forward to having my own. Hoping more will be produced. My cherry tomatoes are still flowering so hoping there will be little tomatoes soon. My four lettuces are doing well. All my caulis didnt make it. I am considering my next adventure in their spot. Maybe carrots? Since my other carrots grew too close to the Lettuce and got swallowed up somehow.

As for my knitting adventures. I finished my little rib scarf that I plan on selling. I am going to make a ribbed beanie to go with it and sell it as a childs set. I worked on my feather scarf a little too. I finished knitting the teddy I was going to put in. And I stuffed all the pieces after I sewed them up. I just havent sewed them all together yet. Shocker. It was like 2am Sunday when I finally got all the pieces stuffed (with two phone calls made to me and one I made to someone else). It will get in. I have to consider Christmas stuff for the shop. I am considering adventuring into the world of a knitted Santa Claus....I rarely knit toys. I am irritated by having to sew them up...I am a perfectionist. If it doesnt look like something you would buy in a shop I am not happy.

I am still yet to finish the back of the childs poncho. I think I will be getting to that today. Still have to hunt down a good lace scarf pattern in 8ply to make Adams nan for Chrissie. Might get to that today too.

Okies peoples I will be off now! Catch ya all later!



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