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Friday, 19 November 2004

Poncho Back and other stuff

Well the back to the Rowan poncho is finished! Now have to get the front started. I can say I like the look of it. I LOVE the hot pink. I love the little eyelets to put the tassles through. I could porbably make one of these up in a week if I needed too. Mind you I dont have another small child that I can make one for for Christmas so I dont have to buy a pressie (I have gotten all the small girls pressies already). Bugger it.

I am still stumped for a scarf pattern with an easy lace design in 8ply (double knit) for Adams nan for Christmas. I spent about an hour the other day looking online and came across some I liked...BUT werent in the right ply yarn...OR some in the right ply yarn that I either DIDNT like or the yarn wouldnt have suited. SIGH..Hell I even ventured out AWAY from a lacy design. Still NOTHING that would suit an 80yo! COME ON readers someone has to have seen a pattern online that is simple, mindless, gorgeous and in 8ply (double knit). I am almost (read ALMOST) getting desperate!

My Cardigan that wasnt meant to be made yet was handed over to its owner yesterday. And it looked gorgeous on little Sam..And his mother liked it. So alls well that ends well..Mind you nothing for my girls have been finished yet still...Wonder if Anna knows what she wants me to knit her eldest child yet? He is only 3 (4 in two months).

It is exactly a month until Harley Rose turns 5. I cant believe my eldest child is almost 5! I can still remember her as a baby..Sigh..Time does pass quickly.

To make today even more fun filled....I am SICK..Sigh..And the girls are being total little turds..And Adam is going to head off to work in about 10 minutes. I would love for the girls to have a nap (so I can too) but I wont be holding my breathe.

Got another 5 snowpods off my snowpeas vine today. They are getting there. NOw just have to get my lettuce and cherry tomatoes to catch up (mind you my parents said the lettuce isnt far off being ready too).

Okies my peeps! Catch ya all later!!



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