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Wednesday, 10 November 2004

No knitting today

Well I was brave and frogged a project the other day. That cross over that was MEANT to be for Rachelle..But was looking like it would be for Harley...I was like 89 rows into the 120something Back..and looked at it and thought...NAH...So that was the end of it. I honestly dont know what happened to my tension. I use to have PERFECT 4mm 8ply tension!!! Now its rooted! Sigh..Will have to work on it again. I blame the yarn (and ALL yarns that have it happening to me at the moment.).

I also frogged Adams nans scarf. I just wasnt liking the look of it. I wasnt in love with it to start with but Adam told me to give it a go (cos I have had moments like that with OTHER things and ended up loving them)..But in the end we didnt get along...Sigh..Dont you HATE it when you dont get along with a project? So now I am going to have to hunt down my Creative Knitting Scarf mag and see whats in there for 8ply. I want something lacy like. Might have to look online..Anyone got any good ideas?

I havent done any knitting today..Or yesterday for that matter..Maybe not for a few days..I am at a standstill..WAIT I did do some yesterday! Worked a little on a ribbed scarf I plan on putting into the shop. Still slowly working on that little stash to get in there..Since Adam has voiced wanting to stop with the cooking we put in there to sell. Mind you I want to make sure his new job LASTS (unlike the last one).

Anyway my dears! Just popped on to give a little update! Catch ya later!



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