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Tuesday, 23 November 2004

Luka Smiles On Me

32 Days Until Christmas

I WON the battle! HaaahaaHAAAAAAAAA take that Luka!! I have been so unhappy with it since I got started into the stripes. The problem I had was simple. I didnt like how the eight rows of ribbing was in a sold colour. The next closest thing to that many rows was only 4. So there was a HUGE portion of the one colour then the small stripes came in. I DIDNT LIKE IT! So in a great moment of bravery last night I took to the ribbing. Removed it. Its gone gone! YAY..And I have to so it looks soooooooooooo much bloody better! LOL Mind you I have a rolling problem with the bottom of it now. Dont care! Looks good...Rachelle seems to like it (or what I could work out with her sick mood). Harley keeps telling me its hers. And to make me even happier! MY TENSION IS CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh happy days for me!

My snowpea plants seem to be HEAPS better then everyone else I know. That makes me very happy since I know bugger all about growing plants.

Okies. Apart from us all being sick and myself working on Luka I havent been up to much else! Catch ya all later!



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