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Saturday, 20 November 2004

Luka Luka Luka!!!

35 Days Until Christmas

Ok I am back on track! I pulled out Rowans Luka jumper that I started for Rachelle ages ago (and hadnt even finished the 8 row ribbing of!!). So at least I am back onto things for my girls. Mind you Rachelle already HAS two mummy made jumpers! Harley has zero! I will get back to Rowans Will for her HONEST!!! We are hopefully heading out to my parents place next Friday so Will will be packed into a bag and taken with me since we will hopefully be there for a few hours.

How truely sad am I though? Harley has had this little teddy since she was a baby. Well no one could find one for Rachelle..Adam and I happened upon some two years after everyone had stopped searching. So we bought Rachelle one..And got her to name it Luka!! LOL...Harleys is named Lucy so they fit well together. Rachelle sounds so cute saying Luka too.

I think I am starting to feel better (well I think I am meant to be). Mind you if I cough too much I get light headed. I can breath through my nose again now so thats a bonus. Adam ended up coming home from work last night at about 12:30am!!! OMG! He stupidly logged off at about 12 though so missed out of a few extra minutes..He started work at 3pm!

GASP SHOCK HORROR!!! I have told Adam I will not be buying any more yarn for awhile. I have so much of it. And the latest purchase is for a friend (who I am making two tops for her kids). So $56 later of Bendigo Yarn (on sale) I said I will stop for a bit. Being as I keep buying..And then frogging other work...Hence not starting the new yarn I have bought. I am actually feeling guilty about the size of my yarn stash..Is this normal? I have two HUGE 51cm tv boxes FULL of yarn and then some...

Man my neck hurts. As much as I would love to be knitting I dont think it would help the neck.

Yesterday we gave my older sister her birthday pressie. It was early but we arent 100% sure we will get out there closer to her birthday (her birthday is the 30th November). She turns 30 this year. So we thought we would go all out and get her up with the times...We bought her a DVD player and her VERY first DVD. She was rather impressed. My younger sister put $30 towards it so didnt cost us as much). We think she is impressed with it (though now claims she has to work out how to plug it in).

Okies peeps I am offski. With my sore neck. And the fact we should be about to have dinner (which I havent even STARTED)...Sigh..looks like spaghetti for dinner tonight..



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