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Monday, 29 November 2004

I forgot to Mention!

I forgot to say in my last post that on Friday we went down to my parents place to visit. Its about 1 1/2hr to 2hr drive. And Guess which Bunny did MOST the driving there!! YAY..And I didnt kill us!!! My max speed limit on highways is 80k/ph. I got up to 83 (accidently)..Now this may not sound like MUCH to anyone..BUT...Before Friday I thought doing 40ks was fast! LOL... I really did enjoy it. It was out of the main area so there werent that many cars. Mind you the thought of driving in TOWN still scares me! I didnt have to stop behind a car the whole time I was driving! I am afraid that I might run up their arse.

I finshed up the knitting I was doing for the last S'n'B meeting for tomorrow. Glad to have it all done. Just hoping no more then 8 people turn up (not counting me). Today I might be brave and take on Will or Luka for a bit.

Aaaaaaaaaaaah the joys of kids sitting quietly. We just got the girls a colouring in book each (well an activity one) that is My Little Pony. As well as some new colouring pencils. They are sitting on a couch together with their stable tables colouring in (posted pic above).

Okies...Might have to go off now and take some pics of things I have made to post! LOL..Since this is MEANT to be a blog about knitting.



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