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Tuesday, 12 October 2004

Yarn oh wonderful yarn!!

Well Yesterday was a yarnful day for me! I finally got my Bedigo yarn in at the po box. I have to say I LOVE IT!! Its that new Persian and I got some cotton too. And I would love to give MUCH thanks to Rugby who has helped me HEAPS with this and that to do with Bendigo yarn! You are an ANGEL Rugby! :D

Also yesterday Adams mother gave me this old 12ply jumper that was hers. Told me to pull it undone and make the girls a jumper or two out of it. GREAT just hoping its 100% wool...Will have to burn a little and see what it smells like.

I also got a new mid blue ball of yarn for Rachelles Luka pattern (wasnt sure if I had enough with the other mid blue).

Adam is on a weeks worktrial at a hotel down here (I am damn hoping they at least pay him SOMETHING too for this weeks work!! If not I will be miffed). He went for another interview yesterday and was told that if he got the job they would call him tomorrow (Wednesday) its another hotel (a rather snobby one too). Guarenteed 2years working with them I think it was (the other place is a casual and uncertain amount of time). So we are hoping for the snobby place first to take him..If not then PLEASE let this place he is in this week keep him! *FINGERS CROSSED FOR AT LEAST ONE*

A HUGE thanks to Vicki for making me two buttons. Now the problem is how do I get them on here with my Link included hun!?!? Also a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUG to her for all the things that has been going on in her life at the moment.

Okays I think thats all for now. If there is something else I will include it later!



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