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Wednesday, 20 October 2004

Vrrrrrrrrrrm Vvvvvvvvrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmm

YEAH BABY!!! LOL..I passed the test FIRST GO with nooooooooo studying!! So now I have my L's!! Have to learn to drive now! Adam took me up to Techno Park today (Its like a little street sort of of its own which is on a loop. Has busniesses in it). I went round and round there for awhile. Even encountered other CARS!!! Had a round about to deal with too. Wasnt bad. Got up to a HUGE 55km per hr! FAST for me! lol. I thought 40 was fast.....Hell before I thought 20 was fast enough for me! lol Getting there slowly. Adam only had...mmmm..maybe 3 times he had to grab the door! ;)

As for knitting. Didnt do much yesterday. I did a little but not much. Might try and get more done today. The weather is getting warmer so the want to knit is slacking off a little. Though I still WANT too!! Might look into maybe starting some little things soon to start getting my collection up for the shop for next winter. Heaps of baby, child and mens beanies. Maybe some great beanie and scarf sets for children. And some nice scarves for women.

Do you ever get those days when its only MONTHS away from Chrissie that it is Christmas already? Thats what I have today! For some reason it feels like its already Christmas. As in TODAY!! I dont have a clue why..But here is a thought. Its only 66 days until Christmas!

Wish this cough would go away! mind you I noticed the hay fever is creeping in. Sigh..I HATE hay fever!

WOW Adam worked late last night!! He was meant to finish at 11pm! He got home at 12:10am!!! OMG they better be paying him well for THAT overtime!! He gets his first pay tomorrow from them! YAY..Cant wait...Pity it has to go to bills instead of fun ;)

Anyway I best be off! Catch ya all around!



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