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Saturday, 30 October 2004

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

Unfortunately that's NOT happening or me! With Adam working heaps of late the girls are starting to suffer major cabin fever (with us not being able to go anywhere cos I cant drive) And they are DRIVING ME NUTS!!!! They have been getting up earlier too cos Daylight savings and I stupidly got thinner curtains for their room (NOTE to self..GET SOME BACKING FOR CURTAINS)...

As for that little cardigan I was never meant to start..I am almost finished it. I have the last sleeve (which I am up to the raglan part of), the open edging and the collar then done. The pattern calls for buttons. But it looks like a bombers jacket so I am gonna see if I can get a zipper that will look great with it. Considering making a matching beanie with a little star to complete it totally. Will have to get a pic taken of it when its done. This cardigan has me strongly wondering WHY I didn't start knitting my girls tops when Harley was a baby since smaller jumpers/cardigans knit up soooooooo quickly!

Bendigo Woollen Mills is having a yarn sale on until the end of November. If you are interested and can get in quick contact Rugby at this email address benwool@bendigo.net.au I am planning on taking advantage of the sale and buying some yarn for a friend who wants me to make her children something for winter next year (I made them something this year you have seen the pic of Chloe on here).

The girls went to a birthday party today. Its funny when you finally meet an internet friend and find that they are the sort of person you would get along with in real life. Well Bree has three daughters. The youngest one (Taleesha) turned 5 and had her party at Maccas today! The girls we invited and HAD A BALL!! BIG THANK YOU TO BREE for inviting us if you read this.

Okies I think that is all for me. Haven't been up to much haven't had much time with having to entertain the girls HEAPS with Adam working. When he started they had him work 12days STRAIGHT before giving him a break. Now he is working a week and only getting one day. Catch ya all later!



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