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Friday, 1 October 2004

Posted some pics and an update

Yes the woman is still alive. Havent been up to much knitting of late. After having to stay up until like 2:30am last Sunday finishing up the baby blankets I have posted pics of above I needed a break! Though over the last two days I have done a little work on Harleys Rowan pattern jumper again. Up to the armholes on the front now (then just the sleeves and collar to go)! I have been wanting to do other patterns (something new and exciting) I am showing great restrain and NOT picking up another jumper pattern and starting it...Its hard though ;)

Everyone is well again in my house (apart from I think Rachelle is now teething and Harley seems to have gotten a nasty cough...It NEVER ends).

Our computer has been upgraded a little in the past week. And Adam bought SIMS 2 with his birthday money so I am enjoying that.

Okies..I will try and pop in more often and not be the naughty Blog Owner ;) Catch ya around.



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