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Sunday, 17 October 2004

On Second Thoughts

Sigh dont you hate it when a plan TOTALLY fails to come together? That Debbie Bliss cross0ver cardigan I was making Rachelle? Well I KNEW the tension was going to be different for the length (since the tension on the pattern and on the ball were both out by about 2rows every 10). BUT it seems there is also a WIDTH difference too! To no avail though! The tension both ways seem about the same. I am gonna keep going as is and see how it ends up. I am thinking if it looks ok its gonna fit Harley anyway! EVEN BETTER!! Then BOTH my girls get to wear it! LOL..Can you tell I dont usually give a rats bum about tension? Hell one of Rachelles jumpers is made with 12ply when its suppose to be made with 10! I worked it all out and it looks great on her. And since I didnt pay much for the yarn if it ends up a total mess then I'll just give it to some opshop and hope some poor child can be warm this winter. I have made it to row about 87 now out of 138 for the back (before the shoulder working). Not long now until its done. Its gone fast.

I have been thinking about Christmas and the shop I sell in. What do I want to do for Christmas to try and ring in some extra cash? They are always changing the window display in there. So Maybe I could do some more of my dolls? I think I have run out of knitted little teddies (great stocking stuffers)...And I think they might be out of my wheatpack blossom bears too! HEY I didnt tell you all!! I FINALLY SOLD one of my feather lambies!!! YAY!!! First one I have ever sold (mostly I give them away). I have some dolls made just need clothes. Might look into some doll clothes too? I got a pattern or two for teddy jumpers? Mmmmm will have to see if I am in the mood and if I have anything good around! LOL

Its my best friends birthday in under a week. I THINK I have half the pressie for her but havent got a CLUE for the rest! I told Adam today that I REALLY hope I get to go over there next week (since I couldnt yesterday). He said "maybe in the morning. Doubt you will for the arvo!" I was soooooooooo not impressed!! for the past couple of years I have been going over there on Saturday arvo! One weekend she would feed me..One weekend I would feed her. As it was going I was going to be feeding her on her birthday. Since I didnt get to go over there yesterday it means if I can next weekend she will be feeding me.

Can you tell I am feeling HEAPS better? I had a moderate amout of sleep last night too! Though my cough was worse (put it down to cold weather at nights). I had a wonderful thought today! With Adam working again I am soooooooo looking forward to his first pay coming in! Once we paid the bills....Mmmmmmmmmmm extra money again!! Hell getting paid ONCE A WEEK again!!! Sigh! I have missed it! Mind you with him on evenings..He started at 3pm today..Probably wont be home until between 10:30 and 11pm! Will have to start doing things like groceries during the morning. Hell he hasnt had a day off work since MONDAY (that was the day before he STARTED) so having said that since starting he hasnt had a day off! I hope the hell he gets one soon! I am starting to forget what he looks like.

Anyway this is long enough! Will be off!



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