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Tuesday, 19 October 2004

On the Road Again!

How is everyone this charming sunny morn? Can you tell I am feeling better? Not 100% but getting there. Though now my hay fever has kicked in I be thinking.

I have started Harleys sleeve on her Rowan "Will" Pattern. Only done about 20 rows though. The Debbie Bliss cardi is coming along very well too. I really should pull out the ostrich and yarn Patons cardi of Rachelles and work more on it too...Maybe later after I finish one of these two I have going at the moment.

Today I am going to go for my L's! I havent got a drivers license you see (Yes I know I am 26)..I honestly dont know if I WANT to drive. Part of me is scared of crashing (more so with the girls in the car). I am TERRIFIED of parking next to a car!!! Then again I was worried about making socks on 4dps! Thought they would be HARD! And I didnt pick a totally easy pattern to make either. And they were a breeze...Then again I have never heard of anyone KILLING someone while knitting socks...Though...After making some..I can see where the possibilities would be to do so (and probably get away with it). Mind you I havent studied. Didnt study last time I did the test (failed first time passed second). So lets see if I can pass this time without studying.

I sold a few things on ebay. Not many. Rather dissapointing actually. Only sold 6 things out of 20. Last time I sold all but 2 out of 20!! Sold two lots of my yarn though. They were osrtich yarn that was multi coloured! Looked great! I bought more of it for myself (and I think one or two other colours then I sold).

Okies..Gotta go. Will let you know how I go on my test! Catch ya round!



  • At 11:31 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Katt...I am one of your eBay customers. I have been emailing you till I am blue in the face...with no response.* See how blue in the face I am* *G*
    I purchased some nail polish and want to pay for it but require postage coats and your bank info for direct bank deposit. I want to keep my 100% rating. I always pay as soon as I win the auction. I am new to this ebaying and it is causing me lots of stress *see how stressed out I am ...I followed you here* *G*
    I know you haven't been well so just please email me as soon as possible.


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