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Thursday, 21 October 2004


Well its finally started setting in for me. Had to take my first hay fever tablet today. Mind you it was a weak one and is working so I am TOTALLY greatful of that (last year the strongest over the counter one did even touch my hay fever).

Ok now I know I am bad. I started ANOTHER porject last night. I was going to start something for the shop so I get some of next years winter stuff started so I am not working my butt off all the time next year having no time for my kids things...BUT I have this pattern I have wanted to do for ages..and the yarn for it....soooooo.........I started another cardigan!!! And to make matters worse its a boys one and wont even FIT any of my kids...It is a pattern I was going to make for hte little boy next door. Thought I would get it made anyway. If she doesnt want it it can go into the shop..But still thats not the point...Its in size 1-2 so there is NO chance it will fit my kids..And I am hoping that since it is so little it will be whipped up quickly.

Today we went ant put on layby my older sisters birthday pressie. Her birthday is 30/11..she turns 30!! SHOCK HORROR..So we popped a DVD player on layby for her. Rang my little sister up seeing if she wants to go shares in it (she is thinking about it). We also whacked a digital set top box on layby at the same time.

I cant get over how much pay Adam got for working this week been. Granted he didnt get a day off. And bloody tax people took almost $200 of it...But Hey I would love a few more weeks like that..No wait..Not really. I like my Adam home some days. I can see I wont be getting much from centerlink though even if his pay is $200 less a week...Though I can live with that (still will be more then what we were getting).

Okies..Gotta run. My eldest is home..Still trying to work out where she is going to be totally (down the road, next door..and so on).



  • At 11:07 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Katt...payment has been made. Marleneannau left as ref.
    Please email me and leave feedback when you have mailed item.I sent you some pictures of my knitting via email.

  • At 5:33 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Katt, hope you feel better soon. We are about to get a frost that will finally be the end of allergy season here. Yay!

    (Yarn Harlot)


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