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Saturday, 16 October 2004

I HATE being SICK!!!!

Aaaarrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh!! I am just getting over being sick. Today is the first day since about Tuesday that my neck hasnt hurt at all. I got a bit of sleep last night. Hell I was able to get COMFY in bed this morning!! Mind you I still have a nasty cough, a tickly throat and other things but getting better. At least I am not totally stuffed like I have been the past few days. Mind you I dont think I can handle walking around town all day with my friend this morning (SORRY DEMZ!). It hurts my throat to drink fizzy drinks (poor me). Now though Rachelle is getting it and from the sound of it (and I am hoping so anyway) today is her worse day.

Ok before I got totally sick I started a new cardigan for Rachelle (I KNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOW bad me!! So much for starting NONE until I finished the other two..Now I have started three, though one was frogged)...Debbie Bliss pattern. Got over half the back done (did that in like 3 days) now have to get back into it.

Ok for any of you wondering about Adam and those job interviews he had. Ok for the snobby place he didnt get the job (not that I am totally minding but hey might have been nice). In Sanders on the Park he DID get the job! YAY!!! Mind you I have barely seen him the whole time I have been sick being left at home with the girls driving me mad. Hell, all the days he has known when to start and NOT when he finishes. Today he knows he starts at 12:30 and is clueless when he ends! I mean GEEEEEEEEZ do I cook him tea!?!? Lets hope the pay is good! And onto another pain in the arse is dealing with centerlink to work out both his and my payments! I HATED this when he worked at the Commadore...Aaah well after we get it worked out lets HOPE he KEEPS this job!! That was the worse part about the Commadore two months after we sorted out the kinks he got screwed by them.

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