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Monday, 4 October 2004

I Failed!!!

So much for not starting a new jumper project until I finished the girls ones that are on the go now! I started Rachelles jumper in Bendigo yarn (Sweetpea a GORGEOUS purple). Making her a Rowan pattern. Pumpkin (a hooded jumper). I started it cos I am up to the armhole of Harleys jumper that takes concentration to some degree. I started this jumper for Rachelle cos 1) I wanted too and was planning on it at some stage and 2) Its mindless stocking stitch so I can do it at the next knitting get together (which is tomorrow) and chat at the same time ;)

A fellow knitters mother came back for Victoria last week. I sent off with her $50 to get me some yarn from the "BACKROOM" at Bendigo. She came back with some GORGEOUS yarn. A soft plum colour and a great multi colour thing! I am going to LOVE knitting both for the girls (one is just under 500g and the other is 500g enough to make them a jumper each).

Something has been eating at my Cauliflower and Snowpeas! NOT HAPPY JAN! Have to find out what I can use to KILL THEM (assuming they are bugs). My lettuce has stopped dying off so now I have 4 that are growing well.

I really gotta list more things on ebay! I have so many. I am amazed my friend hasnt started nagging me (most of its hers). I have some great yarn to list too when I do get around to it.

Ok I think thats it for me for now. Will have to get more piccies to post for you all to look at at a later date! See ya round!



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