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Monday, 25 October 2004

Good GOD Is That The Time!?!?

I cannot believe it is EXACTLY 2 months until Christmas!! Where the hell has the year gone?

Saturday was my best friends birthday. She turned 26. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUZI! Would have done it Saturday but couldnt get on.

Well my new (shouldnt be doing) project is going well. I have finished the back and left front. Done some of the left sleeve too. I did the WHOLE left front in one day (gotta love little projects). Might see if I can get the sleeve finished today and get on with the right front (dont ask why I did a sleeve before finishing the Front. The sleeves are a different colour and I wanted to see how they would look). Will have to get a pic to post once I am a bit further along (and once I get around to recharging the Digi batteries).

Going out tonight for my best friends birthday to a Chinese restaurant. I LOVE CHINESE!!

I would like to say a BIG hello to everyone that has been here and posted either a doodle or a comment on my blog! Thanks! Hope you all come back often.

Mmmm what else has been happening in my life? Not totally much. The last two days Adam has had days off work (yesterday was the first one after working 12days straight!!!). It was good to have him home we can say. Tomorrow its back to work for him though.

Weather here went from really nice and warm to weird (but having said that that is NORMAL for Tasmania!)..TOday it is overcast and windy. Yesterday it was a little windy but sunny. The day before that there was like 5 minutes of rain (HUGE DROPS) then really windy..The day before that it was HOT!!! STRANGE.

As the weather is getting warmer we (well more ME since Adam is barely home) are considering the potty training for Rachelle. She is 2years 3mths so I think its time.

Anyway am off now! Catch ya all later!



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