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Sunday, 10 October 2004

Aaaaaaaaww Frog It!!

Yes I have frogged a knitting project. I was getting rather discouraged with Rachelles Rowan pattern Pumpkin. I mean for heavensakes the size I was doing her was going to be about 90cm round her chest when done!! The kid will only be 3yo when she wears it!!! It was looking wider then Harleys Rowan jumper so I frogged it. I will find something else to do with that yarn. Today I have started Rowans Luka for Rachelle instead. I think it will look great. There is 8 colours in the striped jumper so I have picked Light Pink, Mid Pink, Dark Pink, Light Blue, Mid Blue, Dark Blue, Mid Purple and Dark Purple. I have recharted the whole pattern to go with the colours I have picked (since they arent the colours FOR the pattern). I am working on the back and about to finish the ribbing at the bottom! LOL.

As for Harleys Rowan pattern Will. I have put that down until I see my mother again to ask her a question. It has confused me (the front neck part). So I will probably start a sleeve before I see her again. So hoping to get a bit through that, just have to start it.

Yesterday I was at my best friends place (a newbie to the world of knitting). I had just forgged Rachelles jumper, there was no other pattern in that book I wanted to do with that yarn. I had reached the point in Harleys jumper where I had to stop. I hadnt bought any other balls to start the sleeve so I was at a HORROR spot in a knitters life. Out somewhere WANTING to knit and NOTHING to knit! So I did a friendly thing and asked Suzi if there was anything she wanted me to knit for her. I was then thrown her ongoing project of a Doctor Who scarf that I worked on until I reached the point where she had to buy more yarn to go on (only about 15 rows alas) then she got me to start the ribbing for the beanie she wants to make. I got that half done for her before I had to go home (so if her ribbing looks a little different then mine it wont matter cos hers will be on the inside mine on the outside).

Well apart from some knitting over the past few days I havent been up to much. Just some house work. We are going down to the Mother-In-Laws tomorrow cos it was her birthday last week (and was too busy for us to see her). Where as I still reserve the right to strongly dislike her she doesnt annoy me as much as she use to (I think she annoys my hubby more). Then again I dont see her as much as I use to. And she seems to have learnt to bite her tongue a bit more around me then she has before. I still have strong disliking to a lot of things she does but she is growing on me (like cancer does on some people). But if you ever tell her this I will deny it until I am blue in the face. Plus we get to use her heated pool while down there tomorrow. Its in a shelted spot and is normally about 38degrees Celcius! YUM.

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