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Friday, 24 September 2004

Well Well Well Well

that's what we all are now! YAY! Apart from Rachelle having an ear infection still..And Harley having the occasional bitch about something cos she can.

Currently I am suppose to be working on a baby blanket for the shop. I plan on making two. One for a girl and one for a boy. I will post pics of them once they are done (I have until Sunday to get the girls finished -that's 3 squares and the boys started and finished -which is 9 squares)!

haven't been doing much else of late. Still trying to catch up on sleep that's rather lacking in my life at the moment.

Adam plans on doing some upgrading on our computer tonight with a new hard drive that has HEAPS more room then what we have now (thanks to birthday money he got). So fingers crossed he doesn't screw up the computer! If you don't hear from me for ages you will know either way! LOL ;)

Okies am off..REALLY have to work on these squares have to get the girls ones FINISHED tonight!

Catch ya all later!



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