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Saturday, 18 September 2004

Sick kids and Sorry knitting

Well no pics again for my fans. Sorry guys! Got a sick little girl here. Sigh..WHY oh WHY!! Poor little Rachelle (all of 2yo) has gastro and an ear infection. So she isnt keeping anything down. The poor mite is going to lose weight the way she is going.

Ok I have added a Doodle Board cos I thought it might be easier for some of my readers to post there instead of the whole clicking and going to different pages for the comments. so PLEASE some readers post on it. :D

As for knitting...With dashing around this weekend havent gotten much done. So much for getting two baby headwears done a day from Friday to Sunday! I did one last night and still havent finished Fridays second one tonight to get todays two done! I can see I will be knitting all day tomorrow if I can (hoping Rachelle is feeling better).

Took Rachelle into the hospital today (since no doctors surgerys are open and she hasnt been keeping any liquids down)...REALLY getting sick of telling people her name IS NOT RACHEL!!!! Ok for those of you who THOUGHT it was RACHEL..Here is how to say her name...RA-SHELL! Ok Like Michelle but with an RA not an MI.....Say it with me RACHELLE!!! Sorry ;)

Bought myself some rather large Cherry Tomato plants today. Three to be exact..Going to plant them out into my pot tomorrow..Thought about getting a punnet of smaller ones that had 6 and thought will spend some extra dollars and get three bigger ones that might actually STAND a chance against the birds and bugs this year (last year I bought a mixed punnet of red, yellow and pink cherry tomatoes and between the birds and the bugs ALL died!!)!

Okies people I should be off knitting! Catch ya all round like an orange!



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