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Friday, 3 September 2004

Mmmmmmmm knitting maybe?

Ok I didnt get back to any knitting last night..bad me..I was TIRED!! ;)

Today I have been a lot better..hitting those knitting feather lambies I am suppose to make for Monday...I think I MIGHT get 8 legs and 2 tails done tonight..Aiming for that and 4 ears too..So all I have to do tomorrow is 2 bodies and 2 heads..Mind you I have already done both the tails and 4 legs tonight. ;)

I would LOVE to send out a BIG HEEEEEELLLLLLLLOOOOOOO (or maybe a G'day?) to my Canadian Friend Vicki! I thought she had run away and left me BUT no she still loves me ;)

Well I have moved my snowpeas into their permanent place..Have sorted out the rest (since I had like 21)..Anna next door has gotten 3 (plus some seeds)..I have about 5 to give to Demz and to Suzi..there is 3 (though I have to make sure she has something to plant the little babies into)...Mine havent died yet so thats a start. Down to 4 lettuces...still have all 8/9 (one looks like it might be two) caulis..and i planted some carrot seeds yesterday (so fingers crossed I dont think they are weeds and pull them once they show)...

I think next time I post I will include a WIP pic of at least one of my things ;) I think my blog is rather sparse without any..and would be good to let you all know how I am doing.

Anyway I am off to make some legs!



  • At 11:50 pm, Blogger Dandy said…

    Of course I still luv ya chicky... I'd tell you before I left the net world....I don't think thats going to happen... my hrs are cut back but thats all for now....
    things here are kinda shitty at the moment... with Albert striking and all $$ is tight, and that sucks.... I love to shop for yarn... mind you this way I have to use up all the yarn I have now... LOL...
    are you gonna be online tonight about 7 my time?? be there or be square ;~)


  • At 5:35 pm, Blogger Suzi said…

    Not updated since Friday? Well really.....

  • At 4:50 am, Blogger Leon said…

    Katt, Your blog caught my eye. In my regular blog (Firemind) I tend to link to things I talk about. I don't know much about knitting but your blog and Suzi's were fun. I created Linknut so I could post neat stuff that didn't fit anywhere else in my mess of blogs.

    Is a knit blog a knog? :)


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