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Tuesday, 21 September 2004

Mmmmm sleeeeeeeeeep....

Well the youngest sickest person in the house is slowly getting better..All I can say is ABOUT TIME! She hadnt eaten since Thursday night but today has put away some dried biscuits and some pizza roll. She cheered up heaps after there was something in her tummy. Now just the ear infection to battle.

As for knitting. After getting the beanies for the shop done I have done NOTHING! And LOVING it..Mind you have to get my butt into gear and get working on the feather baby blanket for the shop for next Monday now before its too late.

I am so tired! Rachelle has really recked sleep for the past few days and all I need right now it about a months un-interupted sleep!

I cant believe its only just over 3mths until Christmas (and just under 3mths until Harley turns 5)!!! I am very (well mostly) organised this year! By the time book 18 of the Avon comes in I will have about 10 people either bought for or a layby on with their pressie in it! Not too many more to buy for (only about 9 I think). Not bad to work on in only about 2mths! lol And to make it better we wont have to buy too much food cos this year we have Chrisco too (we are seller in it now).

Ok will be off now. Must go do some knitting..Or sleeping or something ;)



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