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Tuesday, 17 August 2004

yarn and plants..The connection?

None..Except thats what I have been up to of late.

I decided to turn the little planter box cement thing thats a part of front porch into a little garden thing for the girls. Well today they planted six Carnation plants in there. A few weeks ago we planted out in a little garden some lettuces and mini cauliflowers to grow...I am amazed Harley hasnt nagged for them to be fully grown. They are both veggies she eats. I also have some snowpea seeds growing (might have to palm some off to family and friends.

Has anyone seen the new Bendigo Woollen Mill yarn? I got a shade card for it in the mail today. As well as the offer to buy it before the end of September at a $4 reduced cost per ball (the offer is for $12 per ball that will end up being $16 per ball), also in the offer is a pick between two patterns for this yarn for free. I planning on buying a few balls to make something for the girls each. Called "Persian" its 75%Wool, 15%Mohair, 5% Alpaca and 5%Silk I LOVE all the colours (there is 8 of them) and found it hard to pick just ONE for my girls! LOL

Of late I have been working on baby headwear. Ribbed Beanies, and Wee Willy Winkie Beanies. All for sale. Also done a ribbed scarf to sell and today picked up the yarn to do the matching beanie for it. Tomorrow I plan on getting some yarn for Mens Beanies (a reply to one of my previous comments! From an avid reader).

Okies gotta go. Gotta let the girls talk to their 'granny' (Adams mother) before they go to bed. Catch ya all around.



  • At 6:11 pm, Blogger Suzi said…

    I'm glad to see you've got Men's Beanies on the list. And while I'm here I'll do a little bit of blatent shameless advcertising for the MSN Group: S N' B - Launceston.
    Yes, I am one of the cheif instigators, Katt is my fellow cheif instigator. If you have an interest in knitting you should came check us out and maybe join?!?!?
    I'm currently seeking nominations for the I Don't Believe It! knitting pattern awards we run. If you know of an unusual pattern please let us know at funkyknitters@yahoo.com.au


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