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Thursday, 26 August 2004

When will I get a chance?

Well most this week I have been spending time listing things on ebay for a friend. Havent had much chance to get some of my much needed mens beanies knitting for the shop! So tonight I am going to HIT THEM HARD after the girls go to bed. So much for getting 5 made to put in. I will be lucky to get 3!! If I am lucky and work hard tonight I might get the first one finished. Though its a big IF...

I won some nice acrylic yarn on ebay the other day and got it paid for yesterday. Its a pretty purple. 400g of it. Hoping there is enough to make Rachelle a jumper to kick around the house in for next winter. Will have to find a pattern for it once I actually GET the yarn in the mail and have an exact colour to work with.

You know in all these years I have been a knitter (and its probably around 20 I know I was under 10 and was probably older then 6 so between 15 and 20 years?) I havent YET made anything for myself!! Not one thing..not a beanie, not a scarf and certainly not a jumper! ONE DAY!!! LOL..I have plans on getting some for the girls done first. Then have a Debbie Bliss pattern I want to make for Adam. I would love to get something made for my mother some year soon. And who knows what orders I will be getting from friends and the shop! See no time for me. THOUGH I do hope to have a scarf made for myself for next winter. Have the lovely fluffy purple yarn for it..and a pattern picked out..Just have to get the needles to do it with!

I have decided one day (when I am rich and all) I plan on buying Debbie Bliss and Rowan yarn from Canada!! Their ebay has HEAPS of those two designers yarns..Their dollar is close to ours...and hey better then buying it from America where it will cost almost double at the moment. Should have thought of it last year actually when the Australian Dollar was better then the Canadian one..Now the Candian one is better then the Aussie (that will make my Canadian friend happy).

Okies am off to try and bumrush these grots to bed! See ya all around



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