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Friday, 6 August 2004

Pooh Bear and Knitting

Well the M-I-L paid for the girls and I (as well as herself, her second hubby and one of the girls cousins) to go see Winnie The Pooh and the Perfect Day Live today. Just started its Aussie Tour so we went (mind you it cost her about $31per person!!!). It was great fun. When I get time I will put a pic or two from my digi up on here. Harley and Rachelle had a LOVELY time. Even better with Indy (their cousin) there to have fun too. The girls dont get to see her often since she lives in NSW.

I thought I would knit Indy a fairy floss coloured feather hat (her mother wasnt there to see it so lets hope she likes it). Looked so cute on her.

I have cleared all orders (except for feather lambs but they will be for later). So I hit Rachelle's Patons ostrich and yarn cardigan. Think I will get the back of it finished today, then starting the front. I am gonna have to get working on Harleys jumper a little more actually. MIGHT get them both done before Christmas, though looking at the shops list of window displays I have a few more things to knit or sew up there.

Hope you all have a great week! Catch you all round!



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