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Sunday, 22 August 2004

My Blog, HTML, knitting and plants

Well I am learning new things thanks to the Internet! LOL..I have wanted to add a few cool things to my blog to personalise it. So I now have added my mood meter..Will add other things when I get the time to hunt them down and get them together.

On a Knitting note...I have finished my first Wee Willy Winkie Beanie. Looks cute..Still havent finished my first mans Beanie..Would rather be doing kids ones alas! Also yesterday I finish the ribbing on the front of Harleys jumper so I feel a little less guilty.

Planted out some of my Snow Peas seedlings today..Two of my little lettuces have carked it (and i had them covered from the frost too)... I told Adam that this would be the year that we would have a veggie garden. We have been here 4 1/2years! Just my beans to go (to start growing then find somewhere to put them)..and I will look into some other veggies...I think its time to get rid of our nearly dead (like 70% of it has died the other 30% is living ok for now) lemon tree so I can make that whole plot my veggie garden..I just dont like the idea of ripping out a still partly alive tree!! It hasnt produced a lemon in over 6mths granted..but it has a little one growing now! SLOWLY...

Okies catch ya all later!



  • At 4:51 pm, Blogger Suzi said…

    All this talk of growing things makes me feel like a failure, I briefly ventured into herbs. But alas, it was not to be! They all died, perhaps I should have refrained from buying them from the supermarket. However I have learned my lesson, for now, and have not purchased anymore. But it is very tempting every time I go past I think maybe this time.....


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