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Tuesday, 31 August 2004

Knitting Me Heart Out

Ok those Beanies are done for the shop. So much for FIVE! I got TWO done. Doesnt matter. I have a few baby things to go in a few weeks (and want to get a few more done).

Now I should be working on feather knit lambs for the shop for next Monday. I am working on a friends feather beanie that I should have done awhile ago.

I will be getting back to my girls tops soon. I am really wanting to do them at the moment (probably cos I have so much other things to do).

Got some carrot and tomato seeds on the way today. Planning on planting out my snowpeas tomorrow (though I have been told they dont like being replanted..BUGGER it hope that isnt right and they live ok they are getting bigger). All I will have left is beans, peas, corn and my butternut pumpkin. Maybe some other stuff. Have to talk to the landlady about ripping that lemon tree out.

Most of my ebay stuff finishes tonight. And the rest tomorrow. I wish it was all mine. Unfortunately most of its my friends. I only have 5 stuff on there...

Okies until next time catch ya later!



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