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Tuesday, 3 August 2004

Hi HO Hi HO its knitting we will go...

Ahhh well I am all done with the ordered feather pillows. Mind you I want to make a black one for me and two for the kids (one each) in fairy floss colour (thinking about making Adam a AFL Bombers coloured one too).

Still trying to work out what to do with the Bendi yarn I have for Rachelle. Harleys is being used for the Rowan pattern "Will" from book Rowan Junior (yes a boys pattern for my daughter..Mind you I am doing it in Hot pink and a bit of purple for the inner collar). I havent done much but its coming up good in the colour I think. I am liking the Debbie Bliss pattern "Shawl-collared Tunic" in book Debbie Bliss Baby Styles for Rachelle but I am umming and ahhhing over the purple colour I have. Might do it in another colour. She already has two jumpers with collars and I want to do her something with a normal neckband. I am so in love with the striped pattern "Luka" in the Rowan Junior book. Want to do that for Rachelle but will have to get together the yarn. I am also looking at the pattern "Pumpkin" in Rowan Pipsqueaks for the Bendi yarn. I want to make the pattern Chill from the same book for Harley but have to get some good cheaper yarn substitute for it (any ideas people will be great).

So many patterns..So much yarn..So little compliment each other ;) What a pity! LOL

Catch ya all around!


P.S. If you so happen to be an Australian Mum who wants other Aussie mums to chat to here is a GREAT forum for you to join up to! http://forums.delphiforums.com/aussiemoms/start


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