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Thursday, 19 August 2004

Does it ever end

Wow the knitting never ends! It just grows that list of mine!

At the moment I have started mens ribbed beanies to sell..Got a Wee Willy Winkie one started that I cant finish until I find more white yarn (thought I had enough that will teach me)..Old yarn too...Cant even remember the brand..Maybe Holiday?

Gonna make some more Debbie Bliss simple stocking stich hats to sell..and I have a few net friends who are having very soon or just had babies I want to make a few for.

The girls jumpers/cardis have been put on the back burner cos of the dispair of Harleys and the need to get these things done for the shop/friends in a set time.

The blue I am using for the mens Beanie at the moment is LOVELY! Almost a Tourquise Blue...VERY nice..Even Adam likes it.

Okies..just a short one this time! Will try and get more in next time. And will have to take pics of some of my knitting to put in too!

Catch ya later



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