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Saturday, 14 August 2004

Backs are down...

Well I have done the backs of both the girls projects. YAY! Mind you I am worried about the length of the Rowan "Will" pattern for Harley. It only comes half way down her behind THIS year!! It wont fit her next year I doubt it! DAMMIT! I can see it will be a lovely addition to Rachelles winter wear though!! Sigh.

I have also gotten all but a lovely mid purple for the LUKA pattern in Rowan for Rachelle. I plan on doing it in Light, Mid and Dark shades of Pink, Blue and Purple! The nine colours compliment each other very well and with my nasty way of not liking things odd I think its the best way to do it especially if I cant find the EXACT colours the pattern uses. Though I have had to have self control I am NOT starting this pattern until I finish one of the other jumpers/cardigans I have started.

I have started a baby beanie for charity..Dunno if I will get many done. I have less then two weeks before the shop demand for knitting starts again. I plan on making some of my own pattern beanies to sell for a baby display. Mind you I have been selling my own pattern beanie in there for children for years. Just gonna do a few in a different pattern on mine.

Okies I think I will be off. Getting late. Its freezing here tonight. Hope you all have a great weekend! Catch ya all later!



  • At 5:34 pm, Blogger Suzi said…

    Hard at work I see. I hope you plan to work eqully as hard and get some beanie's done in time for the Father's Day window at the shop?


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