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Monday, 2 August 2004

And the last month of winter begins!

Well the last month of winter has begun! I have to say I will miss it when its over. Its a good excuse to sit on the couch next to the fire and knit my little heart out while watching my fave tv shows. I am not as fond of knitting during summer, mind you I did a heap of it last year because so many family members got feather knitting for pressies (scarves, beanies, or bags).

Well I have finished one of my orders. Two navy feather pillows and because I took so long I made a ribbed beanie for the lady's son for free. Will have to take them all to her this week.

My girls have been so spoilt of late. In the past three weeks I have bought them so many clothes. Mind you they love them all so thats a bonus.

The local CWA shop down here has a yarn sale one so I have picked up some yarn from that REAL cheap! YAY!!! Now have to find a project for them all. Thinking about after Adam gets his tax in buying some Heirloom yarn to make the girls a jumper each. Will have to go through my patterns and pick something out for each of them. Once I have gotten the current Order finished (I am over half way - its an AFL Hawthorn feather pillow) I will HOPEFULLY be able to devote my time to finishing up the girls jumpers/cardigans.



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